Max Output Industries since inception has secured itself as an independent company in design, manufacturing, laser cutting, welding and bending. The service levels we offer are the result of combined experience in manufacturing and project management.

We are devoted to our policy of providing quality steel products at competitive prices.  Before designing, developing or modifying any products, our technical team performs detailed research and offers fresh ideas on all product developments and modifications. To this end, you will find that all products are manufactured and developed to the best quality possible.  

Our mission is to become an efficient and effective manufacturing and project management company, servicing any automobile and railway company. We intend on offering our clients the ultimate in satisfactory service, economically viable and competitive prices yet never compromising on our quality. Commitment, loyalty and integrity are few core values that have helped us realize our mission and build key relationships with our clients.

We intend on exceeding customer’s expectations by understanding their business needs. Our long-term commitment is to provide innovative solutions to our client’s complicated design concerns and allow them to focus on more important aspects of their business.

BBBEE Empowerment

Max Output intends to support other small black companies by sub-contracting certain services in part or whole. We intend to purchase more than sixty percent (60%) of our services and goods from black owned and controlled companies. These suppliers are not treated differently than the norm with regards to quality, price, expected service delivery and any other environmental and technical requirements.
Traditional family values provide the framework for our corporate culture and philosophy. Respect, honesty and integrity are embedded within the fabric of our organization. Our approach to social responsibility is similarly cemented, reflecting a commitment to encourage the individual to combine local ambition with community goals and a broader appreciation of environmental awareness.
Max Output will ensure that the implementation of employment equity redresses the effects of discrimination, such as on the grounds of race, gender, pregnancy, marital status, family responsibility, ethic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, health status, principles, belief, political opinion, culture, language and birth.
Max Output believes in fostering a learning environment that assists all individuals to achieve personal growth through identifying and realising their true potential. As a means of empowering South Africa’s historically disadvantaged groups, education and transferring of skills are at the core of many of our employment equity initiatives. We commit substantial resources to building capacity within the company and provide an education and training budget per annum.In conjunction with the Training and Development Policy, additional Education and Learning may be reserved for Employment Equity purposes. This support is aimed at ensuring that previously disadvantaged groups are sufficiently skilled in order to meet the company’s expectations.