Unlike most businesses which adopt generic industry norms and standards, Max Output Industries has developed its very own unique Key Performance Indicators to benchmark its success, not only in terms of profitability but also in terms of the company’s ability to have a positive impact on the environment in which it operates.

Socio-Economic Development

The shareholders of the business subscribe to traditional family values which underpin the manner in which Max Output Industries conducts itself as a corporate citizen in South Africa’s rich and textured landscape. These values include respect, honesty and integrity, through its supply chain and its engagement with the community within which it operates. We have adopted the approach of corporate social investment, rather than a responsibility which is often undertaken as a tick- box exercise. And we are diligent in measuring the impact we have on the communities we invest in.


As an employer of choice, Max Output Industries is committed to the effective skills development and skills transfer which enables both the horizontal and vertical growth of its employees. As a member of NAAMSA, we ensure that our employees are on a path of continuous professional development to ensure that our employment practices reflect our dedication to the implementation of national employment equity standards. As the country has set its sights on being an international automotive manufacturing destination of choice, so too do we hold ourselves to the standard of offering our clients the most skilled and technically sound teams to rely on.

Employer Of Choice

Max Output Industries has developed a set of goals which speak to its vision of alleviating its carbon footprint and investing in initiatives which have a positive impact on the environment. These include its recent water and energy efficiency measures and the training employees to be more conscious of their consumption of natural resources. Further investment in local community greening and sustainability programmes form part of the company’s CSI profile.